1. Allah took an oath by the sky and He took an oath by the star that knocks at night.
2. O Messenger! What will tell you the status of this great star?!
3. It is the star that pierces the sky with its glowing light.
4. There is no soul except that Allah has assigned to it an angel to record its deeds for the reckoning on the day of judgment.
5. So let man reflect over what Allah created him from, so that Allah’s power and man’s inability becomes clear to him.
6. Allah created him from a spurting liquid that is split into the womb.
7. This liquid emerges from between the spinal column of a man and the bones of the chest.
8. He, may He be glorified - since He created him from that despised liquid - has the power to bring him back to life after death for the reckoning and recompense.
9. On the day when secrets will be tried and the intentions, beliefs etc. that the hearts conceal will be exposed, and the righteous will be distinguished from the corrupt.
10. On that day man will not have any power to protect himself from Allah’s punishment, nor any helper to assist him.
11. Allah took an oath by the sky that contains rain, because it comes down from its direction time after time.
12. He took an oath by the earth that cracks open to reveal the plants, fruit and trees in it.
13. This Qur’ān that is revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a word that separates truth from falsehood, and fact from lie.
14. It is not a game and falsehood, but it is serious and the truth.
15. Those who deny what their messenger brought to them plot and scheme to reject and refute his call.
16. I too plot and scheme to make the religion victorious and to disprove falsehood.
17. So give respite, O Messenger, to these disbelievers. Give them respite for a short while, and do not seek to hasten their punishment and destruction.
السورة التالية