ترجمة سورة الفرقان

Dr. Ghali - English translation
ترجمة معاني سورة الفرقان باللغة الإنجليزية من كتاب Dr. Ghali - English translation .


Supremely Blessed is He Who has sent down the all-distinctive Criterion upon His bondman that he may be a warner to the worlds.,

To Whom belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and He has not taken to Him a child, and He has no associate in the Kingdom; and He created everything, so He has determined it an (exact) determination.

And they have taken to themselves gods, apart from Him, that create nothing and themselves are created and possess for themselves, neither harm nor profit; neither do they possess death, nor life, nor uprising. (i.e., resurrection).

And the ones who have disbelieved have said, "Decidedly this is nothing except a falsehood he has fabricated, and other people have helped him to it." So they have already come with injustice and forgery (i.e., they have committed injustice and forgery).

And they have said, "Myths of the earliest (people) that he has had written down so that they are dictated to him before sunrise and at nightfall."

Say, "He has sent it down, (He) who knows the secret in the heavens and the earth; surely He has been Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful."

And they have said, "What is it with this Messenger that he eats food and walks in the markets? Had there not been an Angel sent down to him, so that he would be a warner with him!

Or (had there been) a hoarding (i.e., a treasure) cast down to him, or (had) there been to him a garden to eat of?" And the unjust (people) have said, "Decidedly you are only closely following a man bewitched!"

Look how they strike similitudes for you, so they have erred away; then they are unable to (find) a way!

Supremely Blessed is He Who, in case He decides, will make for you a more charitable (i.e., better) (thing) than that- gardens from beneath which rivers run-and He will make for you palaces.

Hour; and We have readied for him who cries lies to the Hour a Blaze.

When it sees them from a far place, they will hear the (furious) raging and the groaning it has.

And when they are cast in a strait place thereof, interlinked, they will call there for detriment (s). "Do not call today for one detriment,

and call for many destructions."

(rather) the Garden of Eternity that is promised to the pious? It is for them a recompense and a Destiny."

promise upon your Lord, of Him to be asked (by His righteous bondmen).

Allah, then He will say, "Was it you who led these My bondmen into error, or did they themselves err away from the way?"

selves any patrons apart from You; but You gave them and their fathers enjoyment until they forgot the Remembrance and were a spoiled people."

able either to turn it about or vindicate (yourselves). And whoever of you does injustice, We will make him taste a great torment.

indeed ate food and walked in the markets. And We have made some of you to be a temptation for (some) others. "Will you (endure) patiently?" And your Lord has been Ever-Beholding.

And the ones who do not hope for a meeting with Us have said, "Had there been (the) Angels sent down upon us, or (had it been for us to) see our Lord!" Indeed they have already waxed proud within themselves and have rebelled a great rebellion.

The Day that they see the Angels, no good tidings (will be) for the criminals upon that Day, and they will say, "An utter restriction!" (Literally: a restriction restricted; i.e., good news is, utterly restricted from the criminals)

And We will go forward to whatever deed they have done and so make it a strewn motes. (i.e., dust)

The companions (i.e., inhabitants) of the Garden upon that Day, more charitable (i.e., better) will be their repository, (i.e., dwelling habitation) and fairer their halting-place.

And the Day that the heaven is cloven with the mist and the Angels are sent down, a (successive) sending down.

The Kingdom, upon that Day, the true (Kingdom), will belong to The All-Merciful, and it will ever be a Day difficult for the disbelievers.

And the Day that the unjust (person) will bite at both his hands, (and) say, "Oh, would that I had taken to myself a way along with the Messenger.

Oh, woe to me! Would that I had not taken so-and-so to myself for a (close) fellow.

Indeed he readily made me err away from the Remembrance after it had come to me." And Ash-Shaytan (i.e., dwelling habitation) has been constantly abandoning man.

And the Messenger has said, "O Lord! Surely my people have taken to themselves this Qur'an as a thing to be forsaken."

And thus We have made to every Prophet an enemy among the criminals; and your Lord suffices as a Guide and an Ever-Vindicator.

And the ones who have disbelieved have said, "If only the Qur'an had been sent down upon him as one complete whole." Thus, that We may make firm your heart-sight thereby, and We have recited it in a (distinct) recitation.

And they do not come up to you with any similitude, except that We come to you with the Truth and a fairer explanation.

The ones who will be mustered to Hell upon their faces, those will be in an eviler place and will have (erred) further from the way.

And indeed We already brought Musa (Moses) the Book, and We made with him his brother Harun (Aaron) as minister.

So We said, "Go you (both) to the people who have cried lies to Our signs." Then We destroyed them an utter destruction.

And the people of Nuh, (Noah) as soon as they cried lies to the Messengers, We drowned them, and We made them to be a sign to mankind; and We have readied for the unjust a painful torment.

And Aad, and Thamûd, and the companions (i.e., inhabitants) of ÉAr-Rass, and between them (Literally: that) many generations.

And for each We struck similitudes, and each We annihilated utterly (Literally: annihilated annihilation).

And indeed they already came up to the town which was rained on by a woeful rain. Have they then not seen it? No indeed, (but) they did not hope for an uprising (i.e., resurrection).

And when they see you, they decidedly take you to themselves for nothing except in mockery, "Is this he whom Allah has sent forth as a Messenger?

Decidedly he had almost made us, indeed, to err away from our gods, had we not (suffered ourselves) to endure patiently with them." And eventually they will know, while they see the tornment, who has erred further from the way.

Have you seen him who has taken to himself his prejudice to be his god? Will you then be a constant trustee over him?

Or even do you reckon that most of them hear or consider? Decidedly they are (nothing) except as the cattle. (Ancam inclues cattle, camels, sheep and goats) No indeed, they have erred further from the way.

Have you not regarded your Lord, how He has extended the shade? And if He had so decided, He would indeed have made it still. Thereafter We made the sun a constant indicator of it.

Thereafter We grasped it to Us, an easy (Or: gradual) grasping.

And He is the One Who has made the night for you (to be) a garment and sleep for repose and has made day-time for rising.

And He is the One Who has sent the winds, bearing good tidings before (Literally: between the two hands of His mercy) His mercy; and We have sent down from the heaven water most pure.

That We may give life to a deceased country, and we make to drink of it, of whatever We created, many cattle and human beings.

And indeed We have already propounded it among them so that they may constantly remember; yet most mankind refuse (anything) except constant disbelief.

And if We had so decided We would indeed have sent forth in every town a constant warner..

So do not obey the disbelievers, and strive with them thereby with a constantly great striving.

And He is the One Who has merged the two seas, this one sweet, grateful (to taste), and this salt, bitter (to the tongue); and He has made between them an isthmus, and an utter- obstruction. (Literally: obstruction obstructed)

And He is The One Who created of water a mortal; so He has made him related by blood and marriage; and your Lord has been Ever-Determiner.

And they worship, apart from Allah, what neither profits them nor harms them; and the disbeliever has been a backer against his Lord.

And in no way have We sent you except (as) a bearer of good tidings and a constant warner.

Say, "In no way do I ask of you (any) reward for it except for him who decides to take for (himself) a way to his Lord.

And put your trust in the Living Allah) Who does not die, and extol with His praise. And He suffices as The Ever-Cognizant of His bondmen's guilty deeds.

(He is the one) who created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, in six days; thereafter He leveled Himself upon the Throne. (How He did so is beyond human understanding) (He is) The All-Merciful, so ask any cognizant of Him!

And when it is said to them, "Prostrate yourselves to The All-Merciful, " they have said, "And what is The All-Merciful? Shall we prostrate ourselves to what you command us?" And it has increased them in repulsion. * A prostraion is to be peformed after reading this Éayah

Supremely Blessed is He Who has made in the heaven constellations, and He has made therein a luminary and an enlightening moon.

And He is the One Who has made the night and day-time a succession for whomever is willing to constantly remember (Or: for whomever He wills to be mindful; or: whomever He wills) or whomever is willing to give constant thanks.

And the bondmen of The All-Merciful are the ones who walk on the earth gently, and when the ignorant address them, they say, "Peace!"

And the ones who spend the night, (constantly) prostrating and upright to their lord.

And the ones who say, "Our Lord, turn about (i.e., turn away) from us the torment of Hell; surely its torment is (really) a (grievous) penalty.

Surely odious it is as a repository and a stationing.

And the ones who, when they expend, are neither extravagant nor grudging; and between that is an upright (mean).

And the ones who do not invoke another god (along) with Allah, nor kill the self that Allah has prohibited except with the truth nor commit adultery; (i.e., illegal sexual intercourse) and whoever performs that will meet the penalty for vice.

Doubled will be the torment for him on the Day of the Resurrection, and he will eternally (abide) therein degraded.

Except him who repents, and believes, and does righteous deed (s). So those, Allah will turn (Or: substitue fair deeds in place of odious ones) their odious (deeds) into fair (deeds); and Allah has been Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.

And whoever repents and does righteousness, then surely he repents to Allah a (true) repenting.

And who do not testify to false witness (i.e., illegal sexual intercourse) and, when they pass by idle talk, pass by honorably.

And who, when they are reminded of the signs of their Lord, do not collapse there deaf and totally blind (Literally: all- blind).

And who say, "Our Lord, bestow upon us from our spouses and offsprings comfort of the eyes, (Literally: the coolness (when)the eyes settle down) and make us an Éîmam (Leader) of the pious."

Those will be recompensed with the compartment (s) for that they (endured) patiently, and they shall be granted therein a greeting and "Peace!"

Eternally (abiding) therein; fair it is as a repository and a stationing.

Say, (To the disbelievers)" In no way would my Lord care for you were it not for your invocation. Yet you have cried lies, so it (Punishment) will eventually be an imposition.