تفسير سورة المعارج Abdul Haleem - English translation

ترجمة معاني سورة المعارج باللغة الإنجليزية من كتاب Abdul Haleem - English translation .


A man [mockingly] demanded the punishment.

It will fall on the disbelievers––none can deflect it––

from God, the Lord of the Ways of Ascent,

by which the angels and the Spirit ascend to Him, on a Day whose length is fifty thousand years.

So be patient, [Prophet], as befits you.

The disbelievers think it is distant,

but We know it to be close.

On a Day when the heavens will be like molten brass

and the mountains like tufts of wool,

when no friend will ask about his friend,

even when they are within sight of one another. The guilty person will wish he could save himself from the suffering of that Day by sacrificing his sons,

his spouse, his brother,

the kinsfolk who gave him shelter,

and everyone on earth, if it could save him.

But no! There is a raging flame

that strips away the skin,

and it will claim everyone who rejects the truth, turns away,

amasses wealth and hoards it.

Man was truly created anxious:

he is fretful when misfortune touches him,

but tight-fisted when good fortune comes his way.

Not so those who pray

and are constant in their prayers;

who give a due share of their wealth

to beggars and the deprived;

who believe in the Day of Judgement

and fear the punishment of their Lord––

none may feel wholly secure from it––

who guard their chastity

from all but their spouses or their slave-girls––there is no blame attached to [relations with] these,

but those whose desires exceed this limit are truly transgressors––

who are faithful to their trusts and their pledges;

who give honest testimony

and are steadfast in their prayers.

They will be honoured in Gardens of bliss.

What is wrong with the disbelievers? Why do they rush to peer at you [Prophet],

from right and left, in crowds?

Does every one of them expect to enter a Garden of bliss?

No! We created them from the substance they know,

and, by the Lord of every sunrise and sunset, We have the power

to substitute for them others better than they are- nothing can prevent Us from doing this.

So leave them to wallow in idle talk, until they come face to face with their promised Day,

the Day they will rush out of their graves as if rallying to a flag,

eyes downcast and covered in shame: that is the Day of which they were warned.
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