ترجمة سورة المطفّفين

Dr. Ghali - English translation
ترجمة معاني سورة المطفّفين باللغة الإنجليزية من كتاب Dr. Ghali - English translation .


Woe to the stinters.

Who, when they measure against mankind, (i.e., when they take from others) take full (measure),

And when they measure for them or weigh for them, (i.e., when they give to others) they cause them loss.

Do those not expect that they will be made to rise again.

To a tremendous Day,

The Day when mankind will rise up before The Lord of the worlds?

Not at all! Surely the Book of the constantly impious is indeed in Sijjin.

And what makes you realize what Sijjin is?

(It is) a Book imprinted.

Woe upon that Day to the beliers.

Who cry lies to the Day of Doom.

And in no way does anyone cry lies to it except every constantly vicious transgressor.

When Our ayat (Verses, signs) are recited to him, he says, "Myths of the earliest (people)!"

Not at all! No indeed, (but) whatever they were earning has overlaid on their hearts.

Not at all! Surely upon that Day they will indeed be curtained from their Lord;

Thereafter surely they will indeed be roasting in Hell-Fire.

Thereafter it will be said (to them), "This is what you cried lies to."

Not at all! Surely the Book of the constantly-benign is indeed in cIlliyyin (i.e., the most exalted places)

And what makes you realize what cIlliyyin is?

(It is) a Book imprinted,

The near-stationed (i.e., the Angels stationed near to Allah) witness it.

Surely the constantly-benign will indeed be in Bliss,

On couches looking (about).

You recognize in their faces the bloom of Bliss.

They will be given to drink of sealed nectar.

Whose sealing is musk; for this then let the competitors compete-

And whose blend is of Tasnim,

A spring at which drink the near-stationed (i.e., the Angles stationed near Allah).

Surely the ones who are (guilty of) crimes used to laugh at the ones who believed,

And when they passed by them (they used) to wink one to another.

And when they turned over (to their families), they turned over jesting,

And when they saw them, they said, "Surely these (people) are indeed erring."

And in no way were they sent preservers over them.

So Today the ones who believed are laughing at the steadfast disbelievers,

On couches, looking (down upon them).

Have the steadfast disbelievers been requited for what they were performing?