ترجمة سورة المطفّفين

Abdul Haleem - English translation
ترجمة معاني سورة المطفّفين باللغة الإنجليزية من كتاب Abdul Haleem - English translation .


Woe to those who give short measure,

who demand of other people full measure for themselves,

but give less than they should when it is they who weigh or measure for others!

Do these people not realize that they will be raised up

on a mighty Day,

a Day when everyone will stand before the Lord of the Worlds?

No indeed! The list of the wicked is in Sijjin––

what will explain to you what Sijjin is?––

a clearly numbered list.

Woe on that day to the deniers,

those who deny the Day of Judgement!

Only the evil aggressor denies it:

when Our revelations are recited to him, he says, ‘Ancient fables!’

No indeed! Their hearts are encrusted with what they have done.

No indeed! On that Day they will be screened offfrom their Lord,

they will burn in Hell,

and they will be told, ‘This is what you called a lie.’

No indeed! The list of the truly good is in 'Illiyyin––

what will explain to you what 'Illiyyin is?––

a clearly written list,

witnessed by those brought near.

The truly good will live in bliss,

seated on couches, gazing around.

You will recognize on their faces the radiance of bliss.

They will be served a sealed nectar,

its seal [perfumed with] a fragrant herb––let those who strive, strive for this––

mixed with the water of Tasnim,

a spring from which those brought near will drink.

The wicked used to laugh at the believers––

they would wink at one another when the believers passed by them,

joke about them when they got back to their own people,

and say, when they saw them, ‘These people are misguided,’

though they were not sent to be their keepers-

so today the believers are laughing at the disbelievers

as they sit on couches, gazing around.

Have the disbelievers [not] been repaid for their deeds?