ترجمة سورة المطفّفين

الترجمة الإنجليزية - صحيح انترناشونال
ترجمة معاني سورة المطفّفين باللغة الإنجليزية من كتاب الترجمة الإنجليزية - صحيح انترناشونال .
من تأليف: المنتدى الاسلامي .

(1) Woe to those who give less [than due],[1878]
[1878]- i.e., those who cheat people by giving them less than what they paid for when weighing or measuring - an amount so little as to hardly be noticed.
(2) Who, when they take a measure from people, take in full.
(3) But if they give by measure or by weight to them, they cause loss.
(4) Do they not think that they will be resurrected
(5) For a tremendous Day -
(6) The Day when mankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds?
(7) No! Indeed, the record of the wicked is in sijjeen.
(8) And what can make you know what is sijjeen?
(9) It is [their destination[1879] recorded in] a register inscribed.
[1879]- The lowest depths of Hell.
(10) Woe, that Day, to the deniers,
(11) Who deny the Day of Recompense.
(12) And none deny it except every sinful transgressor.
(13) When Our verses are recited to him, he says, "Legends of the former peoples."
(14) No! Rather, the stain has covered their hearts of that which they were earning.[1880]
[1880]- i.e., their sins.
(15) No! Indeed, from their Lord, that Day, they will be partitioned.[1881]
[1881]- i.e., they will not be able to see Him.
(16) Then indeed, they will [enter and] burn in Hellfire.
(17) Then it will be said [to them], "This is what you used to deny."
(18) No! Indeed, the record of the righteous is in ʿilliyyūn.
(19) And what can make you know what is ʿilliyyūn?
(20) It is [their destination[1882] recorded in] a register inscribed
[1882]- The highest elevations of Paradise.
(21) Which is witnessed by those brought near [to Allāh].
(22) Indeed, the righteous will be in pleasure
(23) On adorned couches, observing.
(24) You will recognize in their faces the radiance of pleasure.
(25) They will be given to drink [pure] wine[1883] [which was] sealed.
[1883]- Which is delicious and does not intoxicate.
(26) The last of it[1884] is musk. So for this let the competitors compete.
[1884]- i.e., its lingering odor.
(27) And its mixture is of Tasneem,[1885]
[1885]- The highest spring in Paradise and the most favored drink of its inhabitants.
(28) A spring from which those near [to Allāh] drink.
(29) Indeed, those who committed crimes used to laugh at those who believed.
(30) And when they passed by them, they would exchange derisive glances.
(31) And when they returned to their people, they would return jesting.
(32) And when they saw them, they would say, "Indeed, those are truly lost."
(33) But they had not been sent as guardians over them.
(34) So Today[1886] those who believed are laughing at the disbelievers,
[1886]- On the Day of Judgement.
(35) On adorned couches, observing.
(36) Have the disbelievers [not] been rewarded [this Day] for what they used to do?