ترجمة سورة النبأ

الترجمة الإنجليزية - مركز رواد الترجمة
ترجمة معاني سورة النبأ باللغة الإنجليزية من كتاب الترجمة الإنجليزية - مركز رواد الترجمة .

About what are they asking one another?
About the momentous news,
about which they differ.
No indeed; they will come to know.
Again no; they will come to know.
Have We not made the earth a resting place?
And the mountains as stakes,
and created you in pairs,
and made your sleep for rest,
and made the night a covering,
and made the day for seeking livelihood,
and built above you seven mighty heavens,
and made therein a blazing lamp,
and sent down from the rainclouds abundant water,
so that We may produce thereby grains and vegetation,
and gardens with dense foliage?
Indeed, the Day of Judgment is a time appointed,
the Day when the Trumpet will be blown, you will come forth in crowds,
and the sky will be opened up and will become gateways,
and the mountains will vanish, becoming like a mirage.
Indeed, Hell is lying in wait,
a resort for the transgressors,
wherein they will abide for endless ages.
They will neither taste therein any coolness nor any drink,
except scalding water and discharge of wounds,
a fitting recompense.
Indeed, they did not expect a reckoning,
and utterly rejected Our verses.
But We have enumerated everything in a record.
So taste [the punishment], for We will not increase you except in torment.”
Indeed, the righteous will have salvation,
gardens and vineyards,
and full-bosomed maidens of equal age,
and a full cup [of wine].
They will not hear therein vain talk or lies –
a reward and a generous gift from your Lord,
[from] the Lord of the heavens and earth and all that is between them, the Most Compassionate; none will dare to speak to Him.
On the Day when the Spirit and the angels will stand in rows; none will dare to speak, except those to whom the Most Compassionate granted permission, and they will only speak the truth.
That Day is sure to come. So whoever wills may seek a path leading to his Lord.
Indeed, We have warned you of an imminent punishment on the Day when everyone will see what his hands have sent forth, and the disbeliever will say, “Oh, I wish that I were dust!”